Fat Noodle

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Fat Noodle

Reinterpreting traditional family recipes through fresh Australian produce has been a winning recipe for Vietnamese celebrity chef Luke Nguyen, whose Asian-fusion dining hall Fat Noodle is one of Treasury Brisbane's crowning jewels.

Ideally positioned at the top of Queen Street Mall, Fat Noodle offers an exotic hideaway, serving up-market fresh dishes day and night including Luke’s legendary 20-hour Fat Pho Noodles, a fiery laksa and Vietnamese chicken salad.

Famous for its fast and friendly service and stylish interior, Fat Noodle has become a firm favourite for a quick lunch catch-up or precursor to a night out on the town.

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The Star Club Member discounts apply. Menu is subject to availability and change. Please be aware that our products either contain or are produced in kitchens which contain and / or use allergens. For allergen free options, please speak with your waitperson. 15% surcharge applies on public holidays. A 1% service fee will apply to all credit card transactions over $100.
Yum Cha

Yum Cha

Available Monday to Sunday from 3.00pm to 5.00pm  
BBQ pork buns (4) $12
Prawn dumplings (4) (LG) $12
Chicken and coriander dumplings (4) $10
Beef dumplings (4) $10
Xiao long bao (4) $10
Vegetable dumplings (4)(V) $10
Scallop dumplings (4) $13
Korean fried chicken skewer  
Honey garlic soy $6
Sweet Chilli sauce $6
Small chicken salad $9
Steamed edamame beans (V/LGO)   
Sea salt $8
Chilli garlic $8
Peking duck wraps $28
Yum cha fat pho noodles (LGO) $15
Yum cha chicken laksa $15
Yum cha wonton noodle soup  $15
Chicken and century egg congee $12
Lunch and Dinner


Regular peking duck wraps $28
Peking Duck, Steamed Pancakes, Cucumber, Shallots, Hoisin Sauce  
Large peking duck wraps   $52
Peking Duck, Steamed Pancakes, Cucumber, Shallots, Hoisin Sauce  
Vegetarian spring rolls (V) $14
Fungus, Turnip, Carrots   
Salt n pepper silken tofu (V) $13
Fried Tofu, Fresh Chilli, Shallots, Garlic  
Prawn and chicken rice paper rolls (LGO) $15
Prawn, Chicken, Pickle, Vermicelli Noodle, Perilla, Mint, Hoi Sin Sauce, Peanuts  
Luke’s Vietnamese chicken salad (LG) $15
Pickle, Cabbage, Fresh Herbs, Chilli   
Miso king fish ceviche $18
Miso Marinated King fish, Asian Herbs, Flying Fish Roe, Wasabi Oil  


Steamed edamame beans (V/LG)  
Sea salt $8
Chilli garlic $8
BBQ pork buns (4) $12
Prawn dumplings (4) (LG) $12
Chicken and coriander dumplings (4) $12
Beef dumplings (4) $12
Xiao long bao (4) $12
Vegetable dumplings (4)(V) $12


Char grilled pork  
Char Grilled Pork, Steamed Rice, Pickled Vegetable, Fried Egg, Rich Chicken, Pork & Fish Broth $21
Hainan chicken (LGO) $21
Chicken, Fragrant Rice, Asian Green, Ginger & Green Shallots Salsa, Sambal Chilli Sauce  

Salted fish and chicken fried rice (LGO)

Salted Fish, Chicken, Iceberg Lettuce, Eggs, Onion, Carrot, Shallot, Garlic Flake  
Grilled eggplant (V) $18
Grilled Eggplant, Onion, Tomato, Shallots and Jasmine Rice  
Add prawns $6
Add chicken $6
Add tofu $6
Pepper beef $24
Wok Tossed Eye Fillet in Garlic & Black Pepper, Jasmine Rice  


Fat pho noodles  $24
Chef Luke’s Signature Beef Broth, Thinly Sliced Angus Sirloin & Brisket, Bean Sprouts, Fresh Thai Basil, Fresh Chilli & Rice Noodles   
Seafood combination egg noodle soup (LGO) $24
King Prawns, Scallop, Fish Cakes, Pork Crackle in Rich Chicken, Pork & Fish Broth  
Singapore laksa $28
King Prawns, Fish Cakes, Fish Balls, Scallops, Chicken Breast, Rice Noodles, Tofu, Egg, Rich Coconut Broth  
Kao soi $22
Thai Styled Red Curry Broth, Chicken, Egg Noodle, Red Onion, Shallot, Chilli  
Chicken and century egg congee (LGO) $19

Porridge, Chicken, Century Egg, Wonton Crisps, Condiments



Chicken pad see ew (LGO) $20
Chicken, Egg, Asian Greens, Rice Rolls   
Spicy pork $19
Warm Salad Marinated Pork, Vermicelli Noodles, Fresh Herbs, Cucumber, Beansprout, Peanuts  
Mee goreng (LGO) $22
Prawns, Chicken, Egg, Octopus, Sambal Chilli Sauce, Tomato, Potato, Asian Greens, Singapore Noodles  
Chicken pad thai (LGO) $20
Chicken, Onion, Bean Sprouts, Carrot, Green Beans, Egg, Peanuts, Flat Rice Noodles  
Chilli and basil chicken  $20
Chicken, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Chilli, Garlic, Onion, Thai basil, Asian green, Steamed Rice  
Fried grouper with sweet and sour sauce  $39
Whole Grouper, Capsicum, Onion, Pineapple, Steamed Rice  


Enjoy a selection of Luke’s favourites
$40.00 per person (2 person minimum)


Vegetable of the day (V) $12
Pickles (V/LG) $5
Chilli, Cucumber, Carrots, Low Bok, Young Beansprouts   
Steamed rice (V) $5
Fragrant hainanese rice (LG) $6


Pandan coconut creme brulee (LG) $12
Banana fritters $12
Banana, Caramel Sauce, Cinnamon Ice Cream, Almond Flakes  





Luke Nguyen was born in 1978 in Thailand, shortly after his parents fled Vietnam as boat people.

Luke Nguyen is the head chef and owner of the award-winning Red Lantern Vietnamese restaurant, and is one of Australia’s top celebrity chefs. He's also the author of the best selling books, Secrets of the Red Lantern and Songs of Sapa.

Renowned for his Vietnamese heritage and cuisine, Nguyen also has a family history in China. His inspiration for Fat Noodle comes from both countries, and is reflected in the taste combinations and fusion flavours.

In his spare time, Luke hosts 13 day culinary discovery trips to Vietnam for adventurous cooks.



Top of Queen St Mall

Treasury Casino Building (Level 1 George St corner)



Sun - Thurs | 11:00am - 10:00pm

Fri - Sat | 11:00am - 11:00pm