The Ultimate Seafood Day

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The Ultimate Seafood Day

We couldn’t resist a day dedicated to the sea with so many seafood dishes to try! We didn’t even scratch the surface of all the wonderful seafood options but we did have a delicious day. 


Breakfast – Oysters Kilpatrick at Kitchen


We know this might be a slightly controversial way to start the day but trust us, once you’ve tried it you’ll wonder how you’d never tried it before. The pinnacle of breakfast items, bacon, joins forces with the classiest of snack foods to create a salty sensation that will set any day off to a good start. A little kick from a splash of Tabasco will wake up any slow starters.


Lunch – Moreton Bay Bugs at Black Hide by Gambaro 


Wine: Heirloom Chardonnay – Adelaide Hill SA

It was very hard to say no to Lobster Mornay for less than $30 at Kitchen at Treasury but since we ate there for breakfast we decided to mix things up and it’s a good thing we did. Despite a reputation as one of Australia’s finest steak restaurants the chefs at Black Hide sure do know their way around seafood. Sweet and meaty Bugs are served with grilled broccolini and a delicious lemon caper butter. The Heirloom chardonnay it is paired with serves as the perfect balance; its dry, apricot tones cut perfectly through the richness of the other elements. 


Afternoon snack – Crab Roll at Bite


Maybe we are greedy, maybe it’s just the smell of such good food everywhere, but by mid-afternoon we were ready to eat again. We stopped for a light snack at Bite restaurant and enjoyed a crab roll. The perfect burst of freshness to get you through to dinner.


Dinner – Seafood banquet at Fat Noodle


Our day of eating deliciously may have caught up with us because our post-prawn roll nap nearly made us miss our dinner reservation. Luckily we got there in time and didn’t miss out on the absolute feast we were served up. There were delightful little notes of saltiness throughout from the steamed edamame to the oysters in Nam Jim dressing (yes more oysters!), but the star of the show was the whole barramundi. Beautifully cooked and full of flavour, it was the crowning glory of a dangerously delectable day.  


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